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8 Reasons to select Broadlink Smart Home

At Broadlink, we believe that a good Home Automation system is built to use not to confuse.

Over years we have been working very hard on two things, build product both very practical and very simple to use. Our engineers have been working very hard on turning complex code into as easy as drag and drop to use Mobile App. Just set the simple routine, you can trigger beautiful scenes.

Today, we are going to talk about 8 benefits you will get by using Broadlink Smart Home, that we strongly recommend you to give a try.

Reason 1

Create a stable Wi-Fi network which allows you to connect hundreds of devices with a single home router without slowing down your internet speed.

We all agree that Wi-Fi technology is the most flexible and easy way for Smart Home solution, just fix, plug power, follow the instructions, then everything is done. But sometimes you might meet problems, especially when you start installing more devices in the house, for example, new devices are not connecting, phone and TV lose internet connection, internet speed slow down quite a lot, etc. Here we are going to explain what is happening in the background.

Let’s start from bandwidth. A home router is acting as a highway to carry internet traffic, and your devices are like cars, a highway can only have certain lines to have certain cars to pass at the same time which refers to limited bandwidth. Therefore when your devices number exceeds the maximum number of the highway line, there will be a traffic jam and some devices will be offline or the complete network will collapse. Even it does not exceed the limit, the more traffic on the road (more devices), the lower speed of the whole traffic (internet speed) will be.

The typical home router bandwidth can only handle maximum 20 devices, it’s far less than what we need. You might think a mesh router might be a solution, but again, bandwidth is a physical thing, it has limitation, internet will go slow. Bingo, we have found solution.

Broadlink introduced a revolutionary technology FastCon™. What Fastcon do is to build a Home Automation network inside your network, and act as one device. Before when you have a Wi-Fi Home Automation system, each device is a car on the highway; Now with FastCon™, just one car on the highway, use just one line of the bandwidth, it will not cause any change of the internet speed. Amazing, right? It’s also extend your Home Automation network range up to 4 times, super low power consumption, super easy configuration, network fast healing. Want to know about FastCon™? Check this article Broadlink FastCon

Reason 2

Super easy device set up.

With the help of Broadlink Fastcon technology, a new device set-up is just a few clicks away. It’s 3 times faster than the regular Wi-Fi products.

Reason 3

Broadlink use both public cloud and private cloud service.

Located all of the world, 300+ physical servers on AWS, providing you a most stable and fast response network.

Reason 4

Broadlink is the First Alexa AV skill certified Brand in the world.

Broadlink introduced No App technology which makes it super easy to connect with Alexa and Google home. Usually if you want to connect a Wi-Fi device to Alexa, you have to first link device to it own App, then go to Alexa App, get several permissions, back and forth, it still can fail. With Broadlink No App technology, it all happens on the background, quietly. No technical skill required, no permission asked, no privacy concern, super easy, super quick.

Reason 5

No privacy concern

It’s becoming more and more important to protect our privacy, and it’s very hard for a small brand to invest heavily on this part. At Broadlink, we value it big. By using Dynamic private & public keys, elliptic asymmetric encryption. You also get covered by Certified Privacy Protection – TUV approved GDPR & CCPA compliance.

Reason 6

Best price guaranty and responsible UAE local service

It’s very important to keep your system always running at the best condition. By having our quick customer support from our local and international team, your system will always be taken good care of. Our Smart Home professionals will always stand by to give you best suggestions and tips. Have maximum fun and no any headache.

Reason 7

Broadlink is the leading Wi-Fi chips technology company

Over 500+ globe leading brands are working with Broadlink and implement Broadlink Wi-Fi chips inside their products.

All your Broadlink devices have Broadlink Wi-Fi chip inside.

Reason 8

The Honors

Your life will never be the same with Broadlink Smart Home.


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