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How Much?

With Broadlink latest Smart Home technology, build your home automation system become super easy and affordable, the total cost of your whole house might surprise you.

Login your account with us or simply register one first, Follow the steps, add numbers of devices to the list and you will get one idea of the total cost in just a few minutes.


Smart Wi-Fi Switch

Broadlink Smart Light Switch not only controls lights, but also configurable to smart button that controls everything linked with your Smart Home system. It has touch model TC3 and Piano button LC1. The 4 button wireless switch SR3-4key can be kept anywhere and controls any device in the system. With SR3-4key, instead of using 2 way switch before, now you can have as many ways as you want. Simply count the number of switches in your home and add to list.


Smart Light

Broadlink Smart light turns your table lamp, floor lamp, TV backlight, Christmas tree light into smart light. Simply count the number of lights in your home and add to list.


Smart Plug

Broadlink smart plug SP4L-UK let you connect your light, fan, coffee makers, kettle and much more home appliance to your smart home system, it’s also comes with a dimmable night light. Wi-Fi control box is design for deeply DIY, you can manage the garden water system smartly with smart timer function. Available 10A and 16A. Simply count the number of plugs you want to manage and add to list.


Universal Remote Control

Broadlink universal remote is an ultimate ALL-IN-ONE remote control solution. Manage your TV, AC, Audio system, Automatic Curtain, Remote door… in one App. Also makes it smart with Voice control, schedule timer and more functions. Rm4-Pro has IR and RF signal and Rm4-Mini only has IR signal. A sensor cable HTS2 collect temperature and humidity information. Simply count the number of universal remote you want to place and add to list.


Smart Curtain Motor

Broadlink Smart Curtain lets you control your curtain precisely by percentage, from App, Remote control, Voice control or use sunrise/sunset timer. Powerful motor and compact design. Simply count how many windows you want to use smart curtain system and add to list (A double layer curtain system will need two motors).


Sensor & NFC

Broadlink Smart Motion Sensor PIR3-FC detects in-door motions and triggers devices and scenes for home automation. A NFC Tag is the perfect companion of your smart home devices. With preset triggers in APP, you can tap your phone on the NFC Tag and control your devices and scenes without opening APP. Simply count the number of Sensors and NFC Tag you want to place and add to list.

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