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Making Smart Home Real "Smart" with BroadLink Routines

What’s the difference between smart home and connected home? Definitely the difference is “SMART”. ON/OFF control, remote control, voice control... these functions are very common now. It’s not smart if every time I still need to use the phone or say something to let the device act as what I want. What customers’ real need is automations without attendance. For example: Turn on lights automatically at sunset. Turn on air conditioner in cooling mode at 24℃ when it’s getting hot. Notify me if the smart plug is offline. This is the real magic of smart home and this is “Routines” in BroadLink app.

What is Routine?

The function of routines is designed to enable automations of multiple devices and even interact with external data, this can be called routines, automations, triggers or connections depends on which App you are using, Alaxa, Google Home and IFTTT all have routines function, like the name, usually people set routines for daily or frequently used tasks and these tasks can be performed fully automatically.

In broadlink App, a routine consists of three parts, triggers, actions and conditions.

So you can set up a routine like when A is triggered under condition B, do action C. Here the trigger and action are mandatory and condition is optional. You can also make it as when A is triggered, do action C. You can also add multiple triggers, actions and conditions. Like A1 plus A2 are triggered under condition B1 plus B2, do action C1 and C2. That is very flexible, easy to use and also with a lot of fun.

5 types of triggers

1, At specific time.

Triggers the routine at a specific time on specific days, also you can customize a time you need.

Ex. 3PM

2, Weather changes.

Set the weather, temperature or humidity of your local city as the trigger.

Ex. Temperature is higher than 25℃

3, weather keeps in certain state.

Similar to the weather changes, but you can set the duration of the state.

Ex. Temperature is higher than 40℃ for 1 hour

4, Device operated.

In this option, you can select and set the device state in your device list as the trigger.

Ex. Lamp is turned on

5, Device kept in certain state.

Similar to the device operated, but you can set the duration of the state.

Ex. Temperature is higher than 30℃ for 10 minute

3 types of actions

1, Control certain device.

You can choose a device and specify an action, it supports any controllable state of the device.

Ex. Turn off AC

2, Activate a scene.

If you want to do more actions, definitely you can add all actions, but another better way is to add actions in a scene and choose the scene here.

Ex. Activate “home” scene

3, Push notification on phone.

You can get notification on phone when the event is triggered.

Ex. “Don’t forget to close the window”

3 types of conditions

1, During specified period.

Ex. 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.

2, Weather keeps certain condition.

Ex. Temperature is higher than 30℃

3, Device keeps certain condition.

Ex. The socket is turned on.

Your life will never be the same with Broadlink Smart Home.


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