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What is Broadlink FastCon technology

Today, Smart Homes are becoming increasingly popular, powerful and affordable. But keeping multiple smart home products always connected and easy to use is a huge challenge.

Imagine when you open your eyes in the morning, curtains are slowly opened, kettle start prepare hot water for your morning tea , TV open and start your daily news broadcast…, The truth is, to actualize home automation, only one living room will have 5 to 6 devices, that still not include your mobile, ipad and some other devices. But a regular home router can only handle 20 devices due to limited bandwidth. Even a mesh Wi-Fi router can give you more connection, but bandwidth is a physical thing, it will surely affect the internet speed. Of course, mesh network like Bluetooth and Zigbee can connect more devices, but the more complex the network is, the higher possibility of error will be. Moreover, the transmission speed, signal range and network scale of Bluetooth and Zigbee are not competitive. They need an extra gateway.

What is Fastcon?

Introduced by Broadlink, Fastcon is a revolutionary 2.4 GHz mesh network technology co-working with Wi-Fi. To make it simple to understand, Fastcon build an independent network inside your Wi-Fi network, only one master device will be in charge to contact with your router, consume one IP address, one part of your router bandwidth.

When you add more than one device to your home, they will connect to your router initially in a star network. But after 1 to 2 minutes, a self-managed mesh arrangement will be created. One of the devices will act as a master, keeping continuous connection to the router and coordination within this mesh network.

By using Fastcon technology, not only your Home Automation system becomes stable and fast response, but also it almost have zero impact to the internet speed. Before, you can only use maximum 20 devices in one home Wi-Fi network, now with Fastcon, you can use more than 200 Fastcon enabled Home Automation devices with a single home router. It’s truly great.

Fastcon also gives you extra benefit:

1, Network self-healing

In case the master device becomes unavailable, all nodes will be re-arranged to a new mesh

network automatically.

2, Extended range

Normal Wi-Fi can only cover up to 100 meters, while Fastcon mesh network extends the range up to 400 meters.

3, Self-adaption to network change

In case you need to change your Wi-Fi network credentials, you won’t need to reset and reconfigure all devices, but just update any of them (with Fastcon technology), it will maintain by itself the mesh arrangement and will sync the new router values to all sub-devices within the network.

4, Ultra-low power consumption

With Fastcon low power feature, battery operated sensors can also be added to the mesh network without any additional gateway.

Fastcon truly makes your Smart Home intelligent and convenient.

Your life will never be the same with Broadlink Smart Home.


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