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Smart Light Switch LC1

BroadLink LC1 Smart Light Switch offers you the really smart way to control your home lights, by Alexa, Google Home and Siri voice control or remote control on BroadLink App. No neutral required for 100% homes. Configurable to be a smart button for multi-scenes control for products from 700+ brands via IFTTT.

LC1 needs to work with S3 Hub.

To ensure stability, the maximum connected device number of each S3 hub is limited to 8.


• No neutral required for 100% compatibility;

• 1/2/3 gang and touch control;

• BroadLink App / Alexa and Google voice control;

• Timers / Groups / Scenes / Routines;

• Configurable smart button.


Voice Control

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant to add hands-free voice control to your lights. Just say "Alexa, turn on kitchen light".


App Remote Control

BroadLink Smart Switch lets you wirelessly control your home lighting from anywhere. Simply use BroadLink App to control your lights from the sofa, the coffee shop, the car, even overseas.


Schedule Timers

Use BroadLink app to schedule your lights switched on/off as you prefered, such as turn on bedroom light at 7:00AM when you get up.


Countdown Timer

Set a certain time to turn off your lights automatically, give your kids enough time to fall asleep.


Setup Home Automation

To create routines for your BroadLink Smart Light Switch that make life easier - For example, you can create a morning routine that turns on lights and your coffee maker with a single request.


Works with IFTTT

More features with IFTTT. It can automatic turn on / off lights when you leave or arrive home. You can also customize automation of your smart lights even working together with products or services from other brands.


Smart Home Controller

Not only for lights! Buttons can be configured in Routines to trigger other smart home devices or scenes - Making your light switch to be universal smart home controller.


No Neutral Required

Unlike other Wi-Fi smart light switches, LC1 does not require neutral connection which 100% fits all homes. The modularized design makes it super easy to install.


Simple set up and use

  1. Set Up Hub

    Download and install the latest “BroadLink” App, and sign up a BroadLink account. Power on the hub and make sure it is in setup mode. Tap "Add device" in app and follow the wizard to add hub in App.

  2. Pair Light Switch

    Power on light switch and turn on one of gangs with lights. Make sure it is in pairing mode (LED flashes every 1s). Tap "Scan QR code" in app and scan the QR code on device to add light switch.

  3. Works with Alexa

    Find “BroadLink” skill in Alexa or google home APP, Link your BroadLink account, and the Smart Switch can be discovered by Alexa or Google home, just say “ Alexa / Ok Google, turn on Light”.




Broadlink LC1-3 Space Gray

VAT Included
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