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Enjoy the Benefit of Online Exclusive Offer for Villa Project


Smart Home Hub On Us

There is no need to buy Smart Home Hub when you purchase any of our bundle offer, we will provide you enough number of Smart Home Hub that give you the best coverage for the entire house. It’s on us, it’s FREE.


Unbeatable Cash Back Program

Unbeatable 10% cash back for your first order. Don’t lose the opportunity.

Get 3% cash back afterwards on your every purchase, it will be linked with your account, you can used it anytime for future purchase.

To redeem is simple, just contact us by email, a coupon will be issued to you in 24h and you can use it for your next purchase.


Exclusive Discount

Buy any 7 pcs of Smart Switch and get 1 pcs for FREE. Use  PROMO CODE: 7for8  when Checkout.


Enroll the Offer

To enroll the offer, what you need to do is very simple, just shop for your villa needs, when choose Smart Wi-Fi Switches and Sensors, select without hub option, leave a note “Villa 7” to us when check out. The rest just leave to us. We will contact you if there is any further information needed.


Exclusive Villa Offer - Enrollment

SKU: Villa 7
VAT Included
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