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Fairy Light for General Decoration

Broadlink BectCon LED Fairy Light is a flexible DIY LED string for various home decoration to create colorful and romantic environment. It perfectly works with BroadLink IR Controller RM4 mini or RM4 pro as smart LED string light for BroadLink App control, Alexa / Google Home App and voice control, Siri voice control and IFTTT automations.

* RM4 mini or RM4 pro is required as IR hub for Home Automation function

However, you may choose Fairy Light without hub and use the remote control only


•RGB fairy light; 16 color changing; dimmable; 4 modes;

•Flexible and easy to shape;

•USB powered supply, easily for you to plug it into your any exist adaptor;

•BroadLink App and Alexa/Google voice control.


RGB Color Changing Fairy String Light

16 colors with 4 modes LED backlight offers you a great TV visual enjoyment. Soft colorful light color bring you romantic atmosphere.


Flexible Installation and Easy to Use

High quality flexible cooper wire material is easily to be bent into various shapes as you like, DIY colorful life as you want. Powered by any USB port.


App Control

Forget the remote. Just use BroadLink App to control ON/OFF, brightness, color and scenes


Voice Control

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant to add hands-free voice contol to your lights. Just say "Alexa, change the fairy light to blue"


Schedule Timers

Use BroadLink app to set timers for your LED fairy light to be automtically turned on in evening and turned off at morning


Home Automation

Create scenes for one-button control of bulbs, string light, TV, STB and audio. Set up routines to turn on string light when person is detected in room


Works with IFTTT

Set up automations with IFTTT to turn on/off string lights or change color when you leave or arrive home. You can also customize automation of your smart lights even working together with products or services from other brands.


Share Joy with Family

Simply share your device with other family members with limited permissions and let them have fun to enjoy smarter ways of life together.


Simple set up and use

  1. Test light string with remote control from package.
    Download and install the latest “BroadLink” APP, and sign up a BroadLink account.
    Tap “add device” and follow the instruction to get the IR hub(RM4-Pro or RM-Mini) connected with your Wi-Fi network (a secured 2.4G Wi-Fi network)
  2. Tap "Add appliances" and choose category of "LED Strip Light" to add the fairy light.
  3. Go to "Add voice assistance" in BroadLink APP and link skill, then discover devices in Alexa or Google Home App. After the fairy light is available in Alexa or Google Home, you can say “Alexa / Ok Google, turn on fairy light”.

Smart LED Fairy Light USB-10M-RGB

AED58.80 Regular Price
AED39.90Sale Price
VAT Included
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