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Broadlink NFC Tag SRN1

BroadLink NFC Tag is the perfect companion of your smart home devices. With preset triggers in APP, you can simply scan the tags with your phone to control any BroadLink devices or "works with IFTTT" devices, or activate any scenes without opening APP. Easily paste it anywhere with visual stickers to make your entire home smart!


•Adhesive, waterproof and works on metal surface

•Scan to automate devices and scenes

•Works with IFTTT for 700+ smart home brands

•Free 40 visual stickers for tags


Trigger Smart Devices

Scan the tag with phone to control any BroadLink smart home device. No need to open APP on phone. No need to shout to smart speakers.


Automate Preset Scenes

One small thing affordable for home automation! Preset and activate scenes by simple tap with phone - Easy and effective.


Use Anywhere

Designed with waterproof material and adhesive side for easy sticking anywhere. Extra anti-interference feature makes it also working on metal surface.


Free Visual Stickers

Comes with 40 pre-printed scene stickers and 14 colored blank stickers. Stick the icons on tags so you never forget the function of each one.


Morning Mode

Automatically open curtain and play your favorite music when you are still on bed in the morning. Getting up is never painful.


Movie Mode

Forget too many remotes - Simply tap to turn off lights, turn on TV and turn on audio to let you enjoy watching movie in perfect environment.


Home/Away Mode

Just a tap with phone to turn off everything when you leave home and turn on lights and music when you are back.


Reading Mode

Easily trigger your light to be turned on with suitable brightness and color temperature for reading and play soft background music


Simple To Set Up And Use

  1. Go to device property or scene setting and choose “Act by NFC tag".
  2. Add NFC tag by scanning and give it a name
  3. Select action and save (not editable for scene)

Broadlink NFC Tag SRN1-5Pack

SKU: SRN1-5Pack
VAT Included
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