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Broadlink Smart Curtain CMDK3-A1101

BroadLink Smart Curtain lets you control your curtain precisely by percentage, from App, remote control or by voice with Echo or Google Home speaker or on Alexa / Google Home app.


  • Compact slim design
  • Low working noise, less than 35dB
  • Supper strength up to 50kg load-bearing
  • Third open/close point
  • Alexa or Google voice control
  • Fully automatic and manual operation
  • Set schedules, scenes
  • Overheat protection.


Voice Control

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant to add hands-free voice contol to your smart curtain. Just say "Alexa, open curtain 50%".


Schedule Timers

Use your BroadLink app to schedule your smart curtain open/close no matter at home or away with your preference.


Sunrise & Sunset Mode

No need to set timer for wake-up. The sunrise and sunset mode helps you automatically open/close your smart curtain with flexible schedules. Say hello to the beautiful day.


Preset Scenes

Preset different scenes with your preference, like “dim the light, close curtain by 80% and enjoy a movie”


Open and close point memory

There is no need to be fully open or close your curtain every time, you can always set different position that you want it to be opened or stopped


Overheat Protection

The smart curtain stop working and give time for the motor to cool down when overheat, ensure the lasting life circle.

Broadlink Smart Curtain Motor CMDK3-A1101

SKU: CMDK3-A1101
VAT Included
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