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Smart Button SR3-4KEY

BroadLink Smart Button is the perfect companion of your smart home devices. With preset routines, you can simply press buttons to control any supported devices or activate any scenes without using the phone, or use it as a battery powered switch for 3-way control of your lights with smart light switch.


SR3-4KEY needs to work with S3 Hub.

To ensure stability, the maximum connected device number of each S3 hub is limited to 8.


•Press to control devices and activate scenes;

•3-way lights control with smart light switch;

•Push emergency alert on phone;

•Free printed stick with device and scene icons.


Control Smart Devices

Forget your phones at home and enjoy family time! Just press button to control all smart home devices even from other brands.


Automate Preset Scenes

One small thing for home automation! Preset and activate scenes with buttons: movie, reading, romantic, dining, etc.


3-Way Lights Control

Set as trigger in routine to turn on/off lights with BroadLink switch (ex. Turn on lights from switch and turn off from smart button in bedroom).


Home/Away Mode

Press button to turn off everything when you leave home and turn on lights and music when you are back.


Emergency Button

Keep your loved ones informed when there is an emergency. Get push notification on phone or siren (with IFTTT) if button is pressed.


Visual Stickers

Never forget your settings! You have 40 lovely printed stickers and 10 colored stickers for buttons all FREE.


Completely Wireless

Wireless signal transmission without cable requirement. Common replaceable AAA batteries with life for 2+ years


Replaceable Battery

Standard battery power supply can be easily replaced. Get notified on phone when the battery is low - never forget to change battery.


Simple set up and use

  1. Power on the hub and make sure it is in setup mode. Then select "Add device" on BroadLink APP and follow the wizard to complete hub setup.
  2. Scan QR code on device in BroadLink APP and select hub to add it virtually. The device will be shown as "Unpaired" in device list.
  3. When prompted on APP for pairing, insert batteries and reset device until LED flashes and proceed pairing on APP.



VAT Included