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Three Bedroom Gold Bundle Offer

Build your Smart Home with our unbeatable bundle offer. Life is beautiful, you deserve a comfortable and fully automated home. We believe a small upgrade can make big difference in your everyday life. Broadlink is designed for Everyone, Owner and Tenant.


Smart Home Hub on Us

We provide enough number of Smart Home Hub to cover the entire house when you select any Bundle Offer, it’s FREE.


Bundle include:

  • 4PCS  Smart Switch TC3/LC1 Two Gang
  • 3PCS  Smart Switch TC3/LC1 Three Gang
  • 4PCS  Smart Button SR3-4KEY
  • 1PCS  Universal Remote Rm4-Mini
  • 1PCS  TV LED Blacklights LBTV
  • 2PCS  Smart Plug with Dimmable Night Light SP4L-UK
  • 1PCS  Smart Motion Sensor PIR3-FC


Free Gift Worth 287.7AED

  • 1PCS  Sensor cable HTS2
  • 1PCS  Smart Bulb LB27-C1 (2700-6500k)
  • 1PCS  RGB Smart Bulb LB27-R1
  • 1PCS  NFC Tag SRN1-5pack
  • 3PCS  S3 Hub


A happy beautiful Thursday with Three Bedroom Gold

5:40 A.M. Along with the beautiful sunrise, nightlight slowly turns off from 40% of brightness.


6:00 A.M. Bedside table lamp slowly opens at 70% brightness in warm color to gently wake you up. Say hello to a new beautiful day.