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BroadLink BestCon Wi-Fi Control Box SCB1E

Wi-Fi Control Box is a remote control power switch that is able to connect to over 97% household appliances and lamps. It enables users to remotely control and check the status of all the connected appliances via smartphone App. Users can remotely turn on/off and schedule the connected home appliances from anywhere at any time.


16A heavy duty

Wifi control box with 16 Amp heavy duty . works with most of home device


Multiple Scenes

Customize a scene effortlessly for your daily life


Schedules and Timers

Use the app to set timer for your home device. Choose from several modes


Monitor your enery cost

It will get the Real-time watts, and Monitor your enery cost by week/ month


Max Working Time

With "BroadLink" APP, maximum working time setting can accurate to seconds. For example, you set 2 hours maximum working time. The Smart Box will automatically turn off in 2 hours


Hands-Free Voice Control

Compatible with Alexa Google home Siri to control your home device


Works With IFTTT

IFTTT is the hub to connect your apps and devices with each other. BestCon Wi-Fi control box supports IFTTT to create fun experience with other apps and devices



Wi-Fi Control Box SCB1E (16A)

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